Now you do not have to wait to get your statement by mail. At the end of each month or quarter, go online and receive your monthly or quarterly statement. DuTrac’s e-Statements are an easy, convenient and secure way to electronically receive your statement. And the best part, they are free – and help to protect the environment.

Benefits include:

  • Less clutter around the house
  • Reduces the chance of your statement ending up in the wrong hands
  • Available much sooner than mailed paper statements
  • Stores past statements allowing for quick reference
  • Access is gained through PC Branch’s secure site, so you can be sure no one else can view your information.
  • Less paper…saves more trees

Enroll in e-Statements:
To enroll in e-Statements, members must also enroll in PC Branch – DuTrac’s online banking solution. If you would like to enroll in DuTrac Community Credit Union’s e-Statements, please contact a highly qualified financial services consultant.

If you are enrolled in PC Branch and wish to sign up for e-Statements, simply click on “Additional Services” and then “estatements” and use the toggle to indicate your choice.

Receive Your Tax Forms Through PC Branch

PC Branch users have the opportunity to receive the added benefit of receiving and retrieving your fiscal 1098, 1099, and 5498 tax forms, as well as future year’s tax forms, online through PC Branch.

In order to receive your tax forms through PC Branch, first log into PC Branch and click on the Electronic Tax forms tab to opt-in or opt-out. If you opt-in, you will receive an email notification when the tax forms are available for viewing. When you opt-in you will need to enter the name and account number you want to electronically receive tax forms for.

Wireless carrier, text messaging or internet connectivity fees may be charged for online and/or mobile banking.

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